How can I generate more leads for my business? I need business minded people.

Generating business Leads is the process of getting some information of your target audience and buying lists of potential audience who want your product. Also it is the awareness creation and the beginning of a person or company’s attention into your business products or services. If you really want to get new clients who search find your content on internet then you need to follow your business social media accounts, make business emails list, and give attention for those clients what they say about your business products and services.

Importance of SMS Marketing for Engaging of your Business Leads

In lead generation, SMS marketing also plays a unique role in marketing like email marketing. In SMS Marketing you can send messages to customers with your product specifications, new product launches, special discounts, and new update alerts. For this, you need a cute web phone number extractor. You can use it for getting phone numbers of your target audience.


When you have a phone number database of your targeted audience you can send bulk messages. SMSGadget is a recommended tool on the internet for business to send marketing messages to your customers according to your product requirements with an android phone or GSM Modem from PC. SMS marketing experts say after sending SMS, it is the possibility that 98% of all text messages read within 4 minutes after the sending. It proves that SMS marketing is result oriented.

Do you need More Quality Leads for your business?

If yes, then I would recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor Tool to extract information like name, email ids for email marketing, phone numbers for SMS marketing, social ids, company, website, skills, profile links from LinkedIn and Sale Navigator tool.


You cannot grow your business without lead generation constantly. Ahmad Software Technologies offers you best LinkedIn lead generation tools. This tool lets you automatically extract data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn sale Navigator into excel sheet, CSV for future use.

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