Phone Number Extractor – Email Extractor

If you are running a small business, one thing you always want more customers and ultimately more business revenue. But the question is how you can do this? The only answer is to find new leads? To grow business leads, you need to expand your coverage of finding new possible clients.

In my experience I recommend you following tools for scraping authentic email ids, phone numbers, and more importantly social ids.

1) Cute Web Email Extractor (For Scraping Authentic Emails)

2) Cute Web Phone Extractor (For Scraping Authentic Phone Numbers)

3) Top Lead Extractor Tool (For Scraping Emails, Phone Numbers and Social ids)

Cute Web Phone Extractor:

Cute Web Phone Number Extractor is an excellent tool to scrape authentic phone numbers from INTERNET and targeted websites. It is the most recommended scraping tool for extracting valid phone numbers and important fax numbers from the popular search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc), from targeted websites and from local files. You can use these extracted numbers for email marketing and SMS marketing using SMSGadget software.


Cute Web Email Extractor:

Use Cute Web Email Extractor Tool for scraping authentic and valid email ids from the internet. According to users, this email scraping tool is the most valid and result-oriented email scraping tool for email marketing, sending newsletters and for business products updates.  It can scrape data from popular search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, and Ask and from the websites.

Top Lead Extractor  (3 in one Tool):

Here is a quick solution to get emails, phone numbers and social ids from one tool instead of getting different tools for different purposes. Ahmad Software Technologies bring you Top Lead Extractor Tool to help you get three types of data at one place.  The most recommended software for scraping email ids, phone numbers and social ids from the internet. It is the best scraping software for extracting valid emails, phone numbers and social ids from popular search engines and targeted websites or even local files on the computer.

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