B2B Leads – How can I Boost my B2B Leads from LinkedIn?

What is the Importance of B2B Leads for business development?

In my experience, any business needs B2B lead according to its targeted audience. For a quality leads generation, you need to choose the best platform for quality leads because Quantity is not everything.

Why LinkedIn is The Most Important for B2B Lead Generation?

B2B marketers need to reach maximum targeted audience every day to convey their business updates. Yes for this a social media platform like LinkedIn is the optimum and utmost social media source to get maximum quality B2B leads data. LinkedIn has an enormous amount of profiles almost 500 profiles in almost 200 countries including business professionals, employees, candidates, and others.

How can you Generate and Extract B2B Leads Data from LinkedIn?

Due to the huge number of profiles, you cannot extract data from LinkedIn manually. For this many LinkedIn Scraping tools available to generate QUALITY b2b leads LinkedIn. But from my experience, I recommend you LinkedIn Company Extractor to extract B2B leads from LinkedIn.


I confidently told you that this software is fantastic because my company is also using LinkedIn company extractor tools from last 1 year and it gives us excellent results in B2B leads generation from LinkedIn.

What Makes LinkedIn Company Extractor Unique?

So grow your business B2B leads database by using LinkedIn Company Extractor. This software lets you automate to extract B2B leads from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Company Extractor can extract company’s profiles data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

It can automatically extract companies data such as companies profile links, Business Names, ( emails, phone numbers available on Google), Website URLs, Year founded, Industry, product type, company location, postcode, and Country name, etc from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. You can export B2B leads in .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.

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