What are the best lead generation tools for 2019

Many of us want to grow our business leads to generate and boost business sales revenue. In fact, the real competition among businesses is to find excellent quality business leads.  And the companies are struggling hard for generating leads.

Where from can we get the best quality leads?

You can generate and extract quality Business leads from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has 500 millions profiles of business professionals, companies, students, employees and business owners who are also currently looking for new business products or opportunities. It is revealed that LinkedIn has more than 85% of the quality business leads currently as compared to other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to extract the best quality leads to boost your business sales revenue. As a business sale professional, I know the significance of business leads to boosting business sales. That’s why I suggest you LINKEDIN for generating leads from.


How can you extract quality business leads from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a really big network. It is impossible to find the relevant information manually. You have to choose a tool to get your leads fast and targeted.

There are a number of LinkedIn Scraping Software available but most of the software’s are just a waste of time and money providing incomplete information. After some time I found LinkedIn Lead Extractor software for extracting B2B Leads from LinkedIn according to targeted audience and keywords.

LinkedIn Lead Extractor extracts lead data from LinkedIn at a remarkably fast rate precisely. LinkedIn Lead Extractor can extract targeted audience contact information with the help of keywords such as names, valid email address, business name, verified addresses, phone numbers, country names and locations and profile links from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Leads Extractor can save extracted business leads data into spreadsheets such as CSV, EXCEL, etc.

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