Get B2B Leads in all Industries on LinkedIn

What is the importance of Generation B2B Leads for Industries?

Whatever is your business type, you need active and quality b2b leads. The success of business begins when you have created your 1st business lead. I would like to say that without business (B2B) leads; there are no prospects, no more business revenue.

Best Source for Generating B2B Leads in all Industries in 2019

In 2019 Social media sites play an important role in the generation of B2B leads. Social media marketing and lead generation from social sites are not expensive as compared to other marketing techniques. However, Generating B2B leads from social media sites are no more complicated.

Best social site for Generating B2B leads in 2019

LinkedIn is the best and result-oriented social media source of quality and latest b2b leads. LinkedIn has more than 600 million profiles including companies, professionals, and students who are also finding new B2B business opportunities.


LinkedIn and Sales Navigator is the finest social media source to generate B2B leads in all industries to boost up your business clients. It is revealed that 85% of business Leads experts are using LinkedIn for searching, boosting and generating more quality B2B Leads Data.

Boost your business B2B leads by extracting B2B leads from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Company Extractor

As I discussed earlier, LinkedIn is the most admired social media source for the generation of B2B business leads. Due to the huge amount of data in profiles, leads data scraping and extracting manually is difficult even not possible. You need LinkedIn lead scraping software for this. I suggest you LinkedIn Company Extractor to generate B2B leads from LinkedIn for all industries automatically.

LinkedIn Company Extractor can extract B2B leads data from LinkedIn and sales navigator such as product, Business details,  Contact information (emails, phone numbers available on Google), Company Followers, official sites links, Year founded, Industry types, products type, business Address, Country name, and Business Names, etc. LinkedIn Company Extractor can export your extracted data in .xlsx, .csv,(opens in excel) .txt files

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