B2B Leads Generation – Generate B2B Leads from LinkedIn

Earlier LinkedIn had been considered a small professional networking site for the business world. Now in 2019 LinkedIn has become the best social networking source for “b2b lead generation”. LinkedIn is especially for business professionals, and companies because they can “generate quality b2b leads” from it and you know quality leads are the main key to get success in business in the B2B market.

Yes, LinkedIn is the “best platform for b2b leads because it has more than 600 million profiles or companies around the globe. LinkedIn enables you to spread specifications of your company product to a broad range of other companies and make you find and connect with potential b2b leads.

Some facts why LinkedIn is best for B2B lead generation:

  1. Almost 40% of users use it daily around the globe
  2. Nearly 133 million LinkedIn live in the U.S.
  3. Approximately 29% of Internet users use or have LinkedIn accounts

How can you generate b2b leads on LinkedIn?

Every b2b business owner wants to generate b2b leads to boosting their business sales revenue. There are various ways and methods for generating b2b leads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, as you know, is exceedingly efficient for generating b2b leads but generating leads from LinkedIn is not a piece of cake because it has millions of profiles.


I will tell you how you can generate b2b leads from LinkedIn easily and automatically in a minute with following LinkedIn scraper tools.

Extract Company profiles data with LinkedIn Company Extractor

For generating quality b2b leads I suggest you use LinkedIn Company Extractor. It can export quality B2B leads from LinkedIn and sales navigator automatically according to your targeted keywords and audience. It can extract B2B lead data such as Phone Numbers, Emails, Business company details, industry information, product types, country location and names from LinkedIn and sales navigator.

Extract overall leads data from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Lead Extractor

If you really want to boost your leads from LinkedIn automatically then you are at the right place. I suggest you LinkedIn Lead Extractor tool because it can save time and money by extracting quality leads from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Extractor is the most used software because it can extract business Leads data from LinkedIn fast with accuracy. Yes, it can extract leads data such as name, email ID, phone number, social ids, etc from LinkedIn. You can export your Leads data in .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files easily for future use.

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