What are the Main Features of LinkedIn Recruiter

When your company has opened a new job then as a recruiting professional it’s time to knock into a powerful social media platform that lets you search and contact candidates. You “need to accept their What are the Main Features of LinkedIn Recruiter emails when candidates want to connect”.

Simple is that what candidates want from a company and their journey of job search helps a recruiting professional to build a recruiting strategy that will help you to find and recruit the best talent faster.

“For finding and contacting the best talent the best platform is LinkedIn Recruiter”.

Why LinkedIn Recruiter is the most favorite place of recruiters for hiring new employees? 

In 2019, most of “Business Recruiting professionals” use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter for searching and choosing candidates for new jobs.

They search for candidates and their contact data through all LinkedIn Profiles and pages in LinkedIn relevant to their business jobs. LinkedIn Recruiter is a candidate searching software of LinkedIn that helps business recruiters to find and connect with candidates for your new business jobs.

LinkedIn Recruiter lets business recruiters discover best-talented candidate’s profiles according to your business needs.  LinkedIn has more than 600 millions profiles of students, candidates, current employees, business professionals, companies and business owners who are also looking for new jobs and business opportunities.


So these are the main features of “LinkedIn recruiter but the questions” are how we can collect candidates contact data in bulk because we cannot do it manually due to a huge number of profiles. I have a solution which is the following.

Extract best candidates data with LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

From my personal experience, I recommend you to use LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor for extracting best candidate’s data from LinkedIn. I am suggesting you this software because I am using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor from the last 2 years and it is extracting me best possible candidate’s data from LinkedIn Recruiter.

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor enables business recruiter professionals to hire candidates according to their precise business job and area.

By using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor you can extract best candidate’s data such as name, email ids, phone numbers, social media ids, previous job details, company details, personal website URLs, candidate’s skills, and LinkedIn profile links.

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