What’s The Best Way for Online Lead Generation?

Why online lead generation is important for business success?

In 2019 85% of business leads, experts say that online lead generation is mainly the most important part of online marketing. A lead is a person or a company from your target audience who has some interest in your business product or services. In case if your business or company is not making a profit than your competitor and you think you have been missing out a big portion of sales revenue every year.

It means your marketing strategy is lacking. Simply you need latest and valid business leads to grow customers. And for growing business customers, you need possible prospects or clients first. This is the point or place where business lead generation comes into play. Social media is the best way for online lead generation in 2019.

LinkedIn is the best way for Online Lead Generation

I am honestly saying generating leads from social media can feel a bit like the Wild West. There is a lot of overwhelming social media platforms that can efficiently help you to generate business leads.

Among these social sites, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest leads database with more than 600 million business professionals, companies and employees profiles around the world.


Linked Sales Navigator is another tool of LinkedIn to find new competent online leads to approach your business targeted audience and clients for your business products or services.

Extract online leads from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

LinkedIn has a massive number of active leads in millions, it’s the main reason you cannot extract leads data manually. I am using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor from the last 2 years for extracting Quality leads from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor can extract your business targeted leads data according to your business needs or requirements automatically. Importantly as a lead expert you can extract leads data from LinkedIn according to your business targeted keywords based on location, country, name, etc.

LinkedIn sale navigator extractor can extract Leads information data online such as name, Email ids, Phone Address, messenger ids, company, website links, skills, industry type, country location, profile links and other leads data from LinkedIn and sales navigator.

You can make your own database of quality leads because LinkedIn sale navigator extractor can extract these extracted leads data into spreadsheets such as .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.

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