Ways to generate b2b leads?

Why it is important to have the best b2b leads for business success in 2019?

B2B lead generation and marketing have changed immensely over the last few years to increase business competence. In 2019, mostly b2b marketers and buyers search for new products or services by using online platforms. B2B leads help companies gaining high popularity and profit by boosting sales revenue through effective sales pipeline.

According to recent studies, it is revealed that 70% of B2B leads experts improving the “quality b2b leads” because b2b leads is the most significant part of a b2b company. There are many ways for generating b2b leads but let me tell you the most important way and online platform for b2b leads. You must go digital for generating quality b2b leads.

Ways to generate b2b leads?

Posting your content on different blogs and social networks are the best ways to “generate B2B leads” because it can absolutely assist you in communication between your sales team and your new clients. Among all social sites, LinkedIn is the best social site for generating more quality B2B leads.


This is also the best online media platform where your business clients can find you and your company page. Yes from LinkedIn you can search the suitable individuals or companies expected to be your future beneficial clients. LinkedIn is a professional platform with more than 600 millions profiles of business professionals, companies and other b2b leads professionals.

Are you facing a problem in searching and gathering targeted audience b2b leads details manually due to the huge number of profiles and complex data? Don’t worry I have a solution, as per my b2b leads generation experience following software is the best for you. By using these b2b leads you can discover the right way to boost your business sales revenue.

Search and Extract b2b leads from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Company Extractor

In 2019 LinkedIn Company Extractor is the trendiest LinkedIn scraper software for b2b leads extracting from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn company extractor will help you to extract b2b leads contact information such as Business Names, Contact information (email, phone number available on Google), Size of Company, Business Followers, Industry type, company type, business Specialties, Country and LinkedIn profile links from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. You can make your own b2b targeted leads database. Bu using LinkedIn Company Extractor you can find out new customers.

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