How do I extract messenger IDs and email ID?

Why do we need to get messenger ids and email ids for business marketing?

Email IDs and Messenger IDs are essential for today’s marketing. By the end of 2019, the race between email marketing and Messenger marketing is expected to be at its peak. Messenger marketing has 619% more traffic as compared to email marketing. But I would like to say that Email marketing and Messenger marketing together will make your business more profitable and effective.

Importance of Email Marketing

In 2019 Email marketing is very important for enhancing the healthy relationships with prospects, existing customers, and with new leads because email marketing gives you a chance to converse directly with them in an effective way. Marketing experts have the purpose to contact with millions of new leads daily. Email Marketing is a very quick result-oriented process.


For better email marketing you need best and valid email ids in bulk according to your business requirements and keywords. For email extraction, I suggest you use Cute Web Email Extractor software according to your business-related keywords.

How can you extract email ids, messenger ids and even phone numbers with one software?

Email Marketing, messenger marketing, and Telemarketing are generally used by a company to boost leads for boosting sales of their company’s products and services to their prospects and potential clients. However, for any marketing tactics, you need to get your business targeted prospects detail and their contact information. For email marketing, telemarketing and messenger marketing you need valid email ids, phone numbers, and messenger ids respectively. Using these details you can boost your quality leads to grow your business sales.

If you are searching for the best software for extracting these details then you are in the right place. I suggest you the best and latest Top Lead Extractor software to extract email ids, phone numbers and social/messenger ids at one place from the Internet within minutes.

Top Lead Extractor is easy to use and customize-able software so that you can customize your search results according to your needs.  Business marketing experts can extract important business leads to contact information from business directories and the Internet. That’s the reason Top Lead Extractor is the best choice for you.

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