B2B Leads – Generate B2B Leads from LinkedIn in 2019

Why LinkedIn is the IST choice for business leads generation in 2019?

In 2019 LinkedIn is the trendiest social networking platform for business leads generation because LinkedIn consists of a network of more than 620 marketers, business owners, b2b leads professionals and business sales experts. LinkedIn also keeps adding new marketing features to make them more useful for business leads experts.

So when we discuss b2b leads generation then we all know networking on referring platforms LinkedIn is everything. LinkedIn is the optimum and greatest social media source to get maximum quality B2B leads data. I would like to say that if your business is of sales and you are not using LinkedIn for quality business leads generation than you’re missing a lot of potential prospects.

Why businesses cannot grow without b2b (business-2-business) Leads?

In 2019 b2b (business-2-business) Leads are the most important factor in generating more business sales revenue. B2B Leads help companies in planning and leading the B2B sales team to make more sales. They work for growing business-to-business (B2B) contacts with other b2b companies and professionals.

As you know, LinkedIn is the best resource for B2B lead generation. It is revealed that LinkedIn contains 80% of B2B leads as compared to other social media sites. Companies or individual’s data help you to convert them into your constant clients. But you cannot extract b2b leads data manually.  Use the following LinkedIn scraper tool to explore and extract leads data automatically from LinkedIn.


Use Most Recommended B2B Leads Extractor software from LinkedIn

To extract Quality B2B leads automatically from LinkedIn Use LinkedIn Company extractor software. LinkedIn Company Extractor lets enable the business leads experts to extract and export the companies’ profiles data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator according to their business keywords and requirements.

What LinkedIn Company Extractor? 

LinkedIn Company Extractor can extract B2B leads contact information such as profile links, (email, phone number available on Google), business names, their followers, website, year founded, product type, business specialties, address and country name, etc from LinkedIn and LinkedIn sales navigator.

LinkedIn does not provide the company’s emails and phone numbers but LinkedIn Company Extractor can find them from Google and extracts the company’s emails and phone numbers based on the company’s name and information. LinkedIn Company Extractor can extract and export all B2B lead data in .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.

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