What Makes a Great Recruiter?

Effective and best recruitment process leads your business or company to achieve their goals fast in a limited time frame. A well-organized recruitment process can deliver high-quality, more engaged hires, providing a competitive advantage that directly impacts on your business sales revenue.

 If the recruiter has capabilities of shortlisting the right candidates then they make sure that his company constantly attracts and hire good people always. Usually, most recruiters don’t have HR backgrounds; they may have experience in technical fields like sales, design, marketing, customer service and a variety of other fields. Despite their backgrounds, if recruiters have few qualities then they can hire the best candidates.

Know the power of social media 

It saves your time and resources you previously bear on classified Ads.  It minimizes the time involved in searching, interviewing, hiring and training the candidates. It is revealed that 75% of recruiters around the world use a LinkedIn recruiter for searching and hiring new candidates.

Why mostly recruiters use LinkedIn for recruiting new candidates in 2019?

For hiring new candidates LinkedIn is the best choice but due to huge amount of data, it is not impossible for you to explore each and every profile one by one manually. For this, you need LinkedIn scraper software.


From last few years, LinkedIn proved it that it is the only best social networking for recruiters to search and hire the best candidates. From research, it is proved that LinkedIn has a network of more than 620 million profiles including companies, candidates and other individuals.

 If you want to hire the best candidates then LinkedIn is the best choice for you because you can get candidates’ details from LinkedIn easily.

Hire candidates with LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor 

I suggest you LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor as a recruiting professional because it can extract candidate’s contact information automatically within minutes from LinkedIn. By using this profile information you can shortlist candidates for interview.

Well, LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is the best LinkedIn scraper software for extracting the candidate’s details according to your business jobs and requirements from LinkedIn.

By using LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor software you can extract the candidate’s data such as name, phone numbers, job detail, company he worked with, country location and name, website, and profile links from the LinkedIn recruiter.

After finding and extracting candidate’s information data you can export this detail into spreadsheets like CSV, Excel. From this saved detail now you can shortlist the candidates and send them an interview call.

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