How do I use LinkedIn to generate business leads?

Why business leads are Important in 2019?

Business Leads generation is the procedure of attracting, communicating and creating interest in your business products or services in your business targeted prospects. In Business, the leads generation procedure includes connecting with prospects to close a deal. Leads are crucial for business growth and success because quality business leads enable your business to grow its sales revenue fast.

As you know, LinkedIn is very important for finding targeted leads; in fact, companies that are generating leads from LinkedIn in 20I9 are a step ahead as compared to other companies.

Why LinkedIn is best for business leads generation?

LinkedIn is the most popular social media network solution for generating leads. LinkedIn is the trendiest social site for leads generation as compared to other sites among business salespeople.

LinkedIn enables you to attract more targeted prospects to boost your leads. There are many ways to generate leads through LinkedIn by using the latest trends in technology. Research has proven that about 10 to 25 percent of B2B leads are only ready for sales, meaning that another 90 to 75 percent must be managed and tracked correctly if your customer database is to enlarge.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is used primarily for lead generation and getting candidates to detail for hiring and make your business eye-catching for marketers who target the b2b companies.

Following are some points which show Why LinkedIn is important:

  • LinkedIn has a network of more than 620 profiles around the world.
  • LinkedIn contains more active users Data as compared to another social site Like Twitter which contains 336 million.


The best way to use LinkedIn for leads is to collect leads data according to your business type. But due to millions of profiles on LinkedIn, it is impossible to collect or extract leads data manually. You can do it with the best LinkedIn Leads to data extracting software, which is the following.

Use LinkedIn Lead Extractor for Extracting Leads Data from LinkedIn

LinkedIn Lead Extractor enables you to get real-time leads data for your business growth automatically and save your time and resources (buying a fake list of leads data) for your business. LinkedIn Lead Extractor can help you to boost your sales by extracting leads data from LinkedIn within minutes.

LinkedIn Lead Extractor can capture and extract business leads contact information such as name, valid emails, business name, valid address, phone number, websites, messenger ids, skill, country, profile link and other important information from LinkedIn.

This LinkedIn Scraper software can extract business leads data from LinkedIn and can save and export extracted leads data to .xlsx and .csv files (opens in excel). As a business leads expert, I suggest you extract leads data from LinkedIn according to your business keywords based on your company’s target audience.

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