Do you recommend B2B sales professionals use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to set appointments?

Why LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator is best for B2B Sales Professionals?

The research revealed that in 2019 LinkedIn is 277% extra efficient when we talk about b2b leads as compared to Facebook and Twitter. It is because LinkedIn has high-level decision-makers audience around the world. From the world, almost 46% of B2B sales professional say LinkedIn and LinkedIn sales navigator is generating more sales revenue for them.

LinkedIn and sales navigator provides you the best platform for leads generation to improve your b2b sales process in an efficient way. That’s the reason 76% of B2B sales professionals and leads generation experts to prefer LinkedIn for quality leads generation.

Why Quality Leads are important for your business success in 2019? 

In 2019 Businesses whether they are big or small are seriously dependent on Quality Leads because as they can boost your business sales revenue. With quality leads, you’ll be able to attract new prospects for your business and if possible you can turn them into your permanent customers. Lead generation is the procedure of searching for possible clients for your company’s products or services.


Social media platforms are very important for Quality lead generation in 2019. Generation leads from Social media such as LinkedIn and sales navigator is not much expensive as compared to other marketing methods.

How can you generate and export all LinkedIn leads data from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a network of more than 600 million profiles of b2b professionals, companies, and individuals around the globe. Due to the huge number of profiles, you cannot extract LinkedIn leads data manually. You need the best LinkedIn Scraper software for extracting leads data according to your business. For this, I suggest you best LinkedIn sales navigator Extractor for extracting leads contacts data from LinkedIn and sales navigator. LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor is the best LinkedIn scraper software that can extract quality leads data according to your business requirements and targeted keywords. 

By using LinkedIn sale navigator extractor you can extract Leads contact data such as name, Email ids, Phone numbers, Yahoo ids, Skype Ids, Google Talk IDs and other leads contact information from LinkedIn and sales navigator. You can export your extracted leads data into excel and CSV.

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