What’s the best marketing automation tool for B2B lead generation?

B2B Lead generation is not about a specific method or procedure that results in generating millions of quality B2B leads for the business. It is about building the best lead generation tactic for business products and services to understand the audience’s interest, and also finding the majority of useful tactics for business goals. The best B2B lead generation experts know and understand all kinds of lead generation procedure steps like budgets, planning, and strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media plays an important role in the B2B lead generation procedure. Social media is not expensive as compared to other marketing methods costs. However, Generating B2B leads from social media is more complicated. Among social sites, LinkedIn is the most result-oriented and cost-effective social platform because it has social network with more than 40 million professional profiles including companies and students who are also looking for opportunities for B2B business. 

The following are Some Tools for automating the B2B Lead Generation Procedure.

 1)  LinkedIn Lead Extractor Tools

LinkedIn Lead Extractor tool will help to increase your B2B leads and you can find more leads. It can extract information from LinkedIn such as names, emails, business names, phone numbers, websites, and social ids.


 2)  LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool

 LinkedIn sales navigator extractor tool extracts data from the LinkedIn sales navigator. LinkedIn sales navigator tool extracts the most valuable B2B leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn and grows your B2B leads database day by day. By using this tool you can extract contacts like email ids, contact number, social ids, profile links from LinkedIn and Sale Navigator. 

3)  LinkedIn Company Extractor tool

 If you want to extract other companies’ information from LinkedIn and then LinkedIn Company Extractor will surely help in this. LinkedIn Company extractor tool Extracts Company’s information like Business Name, emails, phone numbers, Company Size, Website, Year founded, Industry, company type, postcode, and Country name, etc.

 Ahmad Software Technologies also offer other extractor tools like LinkedIn recruiter extractor tool, Top lead extractor tool, email extractor tool, bulk SMS sender tools, and phone number extractor tools from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

For more tools info please visit here: Tools for B2B Lead Generation

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