Which LinkedIn lead extractor tool do you prefer best for business?

Why Lead Generation is Important for Business in 2019?

It is a process of educating and creating interest in targeted prospects for your products or services. B2B lead generation for companies that only deal with other companies. Target prospects are important stakeholders (who are involved in decision-making) in target companies who have an interest and likely to purchase your product or services or ready to work for a joint venture.

Must have Pointed in a Marketing Strategy

  • Geography
  • Target industry – Prioritize industries by market size and potential for growth/penetration
  • Annual Revenue
  • Other custom properties

Why LinkedIn Marketing is Important for B2B Sales?

LinkedIn is the world’s 4th most popular social network. As a professional social network, LinkedIn is the most popular among salespeople. Using LinkedIn, you can generate more leads and referrals, build your personal brand recognition in your industry, and do more targeted prospecting. There are a number of effective ways to improve lead generation through LinkedIn B2B marketing using the latest innovations in technology.

Research has proven that about 10 to 25 percent of B2B leads are only ready for sales, meaning that another 90 to 75 percent must be managed and tracked correctly if your customer database is to enlarge.


Why LinkedIn is Attractive to Marketers

Previously, LinkedIn was primarily for hunting recruits and human resources staff and was very attractive for marketers targeting companies. LinkedIn statistics tell part of the story:

  • Facebook globally has more than 2 billion members (with 300 million active users) (2018)
  • Twitter contains 336 million (2018)
  • LinkedIn has 500 million members.


LinkedIn left Facebook behind when it comes to users but it has a very attractive demographic that advertisers and B2B companies hit to market their stuff. LinkedIn has a number of free and paid tools, making it easy to reach the target market depending on whom you choose. As you know that there are thousands of profiles on LinkedIn so it is impossible to extract this data without any data extracting software, so the following software is the solution to your problem.

How LinkedIn Lead Extractor Can Help You to Extract Leads Data for your Business

With LinkedIn Lead Extractor, you can get real customers for your business in a better way than buying an unhelpful lead for your business. This tool helps you increase your high-quality leads and sales. Extracting business leads data from LinkedIn automatically with LinkedIn Lead Extractor saves you precious time and money.

As a business development manager, you can extract lead data using your business keywords based on your company’s target audience. With LinkedIn Lead Extractor, you can automatically extract lead contact information such as name, email id, phone number, Yahoo messenger ID, Skype ID, Google Talk ID, and other LinkedIn personal links. LinkedIn Lead Extractor can extract and export LinkedIn Leads data to .xlsx and .csv files (opens in excel) .txt.

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