Boost leads with best web scraper 2020 – Anysite Scraper

But these lists may contain fake or old web data, can destroy your business. TO save your business you need the best web scraper to scrape quality leads data online without that is relevant and updated. This method can give you access to all the quality leads contact information on a website in a handy spreadsheet on your computer or laptop.

Boosting sales by generating leads with Web Scraping

Targeted and quality business Lead information exists all over the internet, websites, directories, and social media platforms. The better and best way of boosting sales leads is that you can collect and use the lead’s contact information for successful sales conversion.  You can generally find contact information about your potential or targeted customers online by visiting your targeted industry-specific websites, social media platforms or business directories.

You visit these sites for collecting the expected client’s bio, contact info and social media links for each sale lead and any other web data that will help you get to know your prospect better. 

Which is the best web scraper or Leads Mining Software?

Businesses use web scraper or Lead Mining software to search for a new business or sales opportunities in their targeted customer databases, and more. For this, I suggest you best web scraper “Anysite Scraper” because it can help you to increase your sales team pipeline of deals by finding new leads data by scraping web data for boosting sales revenue. Best sites that are usually used for scraping data like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, Business Directories and many more. 


If a business owner or a business sales manager wants to build your own targeted business sales leads database then you need to scrape websites from the Internet. Then you need web scraper software for a variety of websites like yellow pages, yelp, and social media sites then you need a custom web scraper that can scrape precise and targeted web data according to your business keywords and requirements without any duplication. As I told you earlier “Anysite Scraper” is the best and perfect choice for you if you have these requirements. 

Turn websites into data with fast & reliable web scraper

As the name of the software, you can understand that “Anysite Scraper” can search and extract data from multiple web sites in a single place. That’s the reason it is the best and unique web scraper for you because you don’t need a separate web scraper for each website, this software work for multiple websites. 

It is a highly user-friendly and well-organized web data scraper for searching and extracting leads data if data exists on your targeted websites. It is easy to use web scraper with an already embedded browser for your assistant and you can see in this browser interface what software is doing against your business keywords.  

Extract the Web data you need and export it easily with “Anysite Scraper”

Mostly Web scraper software extract data from specific website only and you are forced to use different web scraper software for different sites but with “Anysite Scraper” you can build your own multiple scraper projects inside this software for different websites at a time, in this way you can save your valuable time and money. “Anysite Scraper” is fully automated that can extract web data automatically. “Anysite Scraper” can search and extract leads from a website such as (i.e. Business name, website link, address, contact person, email address, phone number, working hours, etc.) and it can export extracted Data of each project individually into EXCEL, CSV files (Opens in EXCEL) format.

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