Best automation tools for B2B lead generation from LinkedIn and Company Profiles

Usage of LinkedIn to generate sales and social selling is a solid business strategy that can generate big-time results, there’s no reason to stop there. In this post, I will be going to tell you the best automation tool for B2B lead generation from LinkedIn Company Profiles that can help you become b2b leads expert from the best social media marketing site like LinkedIn.

By the end of this post, I am expecting that you will better understand how to use LinkedIn to increase b2b sales and social selling, along with building b2b leads data with trustable b2b leads generation tools.

Why growing your professional network on LinkedIn is important for your business success in 2020:

  •     LinkedIn currently has over 620 million active members.
  •     The network has 403 million active monthly users, almost 50% of whom visit the site daily.
  •     Almost 80 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn.
  •     92% of companies use LinkedIn.
  •     80% of companies had a LinkedIn company page in 2019.
  •     LinkedIn is responsible for almost 80% of B2B leads generation.

How to boost the chances of getting more leads data from LinkedIn?

Boost your sales leads by boosting a 1st-degree connection on LinkedIn. When you have more 1st degree connections then, as a result, you will instantly get thousands of 2nd-degree connections and 3rd-degree connections. This is the best way to increase B2B sales leads by actively boosting your connections. When you have more 1st degree connections then chances of getting more leads including email ids increase.


Why does your b2b business depend on b2b leads generation?

Almost 73 percent of B2B companies are focusing on leads generation from LinkedIn and they also believe and focus on lead quality over lead quantity. But, to do this at scale, you must invest in automated lead generation tools. Almost 79 percent of top-performing and best companies are already utilizing the best LinkedIn automation tools.  Quality B2B leads generation is the effective b2b business strategy for companies’ to get success because quality b2b business leads can make it possible for your businesses to boost their business sales revenue in critical times like during covid19.

As a sales manager or b2b leads experts, I would say that the b2b business Leads generation strategy from LinkedIn and sales navigators is like the blood in the veins of the businesses.

So, see my best b2b lead generation tools from LinkedIn that made my b2b leads generation job more perfect –– hopefully they will make your job and company’s leads too.

See the following best LinkedIn leads automation Tools for automatically scraping B2B Leads data from LinkedIn.

1)     LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Extractor can search and scrape B2B leads data from LinkedIn Company profiles such as company’s b2b contact data such as Business detail, and Name, information (emails, phone numbers available on Google), business Followers, Website URLs, the company established date, Industry knowledge, company or product type, Address, and Country name, etc. from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Yes for future use you can also export your extracted B2B leads data into .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.

2)     LinkedIn Lead Extractor

With LinkedIn Lead Extractor you can search and extract quality b2b business leads with important leads contact information such as valid email, authentic phone numbers, name, website, year founded, messenger ids, skill, country, profile links, etc. from LinkedIn automatically without any duplication. LinkedIn Lead Extractor can export all extracted business leads data into .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.


3)     LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

When you need to extract B2B leads data from LinkedIn and sales navigators you can use LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor because it can extract best leads data based on your business keywords and requirements. LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor is user-friendly and a fast LinkedIn scraper software for extracting quality leads data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. It can scrape business leads data such as emails, Phone numbers, Skype IDs, social ids, name, a country with the city, and LinkedIn profiles based on search filters only. You can export important leads data into spreadsheets such as CSV, EXCEL, etc.

4)             LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

It is the best software for recruiters who want to hire new talented candidates from LinkedIn. You as a recruiting professional can search and extract the best candidates data from LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor from LinkedIn because it is the recommended LinkedIn Scraper software for extracting quality Candidates data such as candidates’ name, Email, Phone number, Address, Yahoo messenger id, Skype Id, etc from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles.

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