Anysite Scraper is a good web scraper for scraping emails, names

What is web scraping and why do you need Web Scraping for Business?

Web scraping tools can be a good choice if the web data requirement is big, and the source websites are complicated. To assemble or gather useful web data information effectively and make the most out of it are essential in business decision-making. However, I must say that with more than 2 billion web pages on the internet today, manually collecting big data is not possible. Here is a simple solution——-that is web scraping tools.

Why do you need the best web scrapers for web scraping in 2020?

Web Scrapers are particularly for extracting web data information from social websites or social websites. They are also known as web data mining tools or web data extraction tools. These tools are useful for anyone trying to search or collect some form of web data from the Internet or websites.

Web Scraping or web harvesting is the new web data-driven entry technique that doesn’t require repetitive typing or copy-pasting or manually scraping. This web extractor software can search and extract website data automatically, fetching the new or updated web data and storing them for your easy access and for future usage. For example, one may collect contact info about products and their prices from Amazon, eBay using a scraping tool. In this article, I will tell you the best web scraping tool to scrape web data, with zero codings.

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What are the benefits of web scrapers? 

  • Data extraction from sites will be automated
  • You can speed up your web data extraction
  • The web data information collected is more precise
  • It is a gainful method
  • Get structured data in best and easy to use the format

You can collect data from multiple websites by using web data extraction tools to grow your business sales and leads. But, as you know there are many web scraper tools available on the internet, so it is difficult to choose the right web scraper for your business. If you want to collect web data from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Instagram, and many more websites with a single tool, then I suggest and recommend “Anysite Scraper” the best scraping tool for you.

Why is Anysite scraper the best web data Scraping Tool?

Anysite scraper allows you to pull data from any website easily without coding or any other technical knowledge. Anysite Scraper makes web scraping or web harvesting easier than ever before. Anysite Scraper has hundreds of ready scripts or projects for web scraping templates, which allows you to scrape ecommerce & social platforms including a-zbusiness finder, fyple.com, Manta, local.com.au, 2FindLocal, Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and Olx, etc.


  • It can scrape social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
  • It can scrape business directories like Amazon, manta, eBay, Yellow pages, Yelp, Fonolive, City Square…
  • It can scrape all online travel agency sites such as Sky Scanner, Expedia, Booking, TripAdvisor
  • Yes also it can scrape data from real estate business listings sites from Zillow, Realtor, and Redfin

Why should you need to use Anysite Scraper for web scraping?

Anysite Scraper is a web scraping tool to search and extract business leads data such as Business name, website link, address, contact person, email address, phone number, and working hours, etc. as per your requirements from any website. You can create a project script with user-interface for any website as per your requirements without any coding or technical knowledge. This web crawler is perfect for businesses and companies that want to scrape data from more than 1 site because now they don’t need to buy software for each site separately.

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