How can I get b2b leads for my business from big countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada?

Leads data for Australia, UK, USA, Canada & Australia with direct contact of the owners with their cell phone, landline, and their direct emails to the b2b businesses to contact them. Social sites like LinkedIn have updated leads data because this site has an active audience mostly from Australia, UK, the USA, Canada & Australia. Every month almost 90% b2b data for all kinds in b2b business with different categories use LinkedIn for Leads generation. 

Why does LinkedIn have importance for b2b leads generation in big countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada in 2020?

LinkedIn continues to grow its valuable niche with the targeted company’s profiles. Microsoft and other big companies reported that LinkedIn’s network grew 24% in 2020 and continues. If you are in B2B marketing and b2b leads generation, you should have no doubt that LinkedIn business strategy is the best for you. 

1) LinkedIn has 675 million monthly active profiles of businesses 

2) 29% of American people are on LinkedIn

3) 70% of LinkedIn users are outside the U.S.

Which is the best way to enhance LinkedIn Network?

And if one of your prospects from any degree connections likes a post of your business or products, all of their connections have the potential to see your business update. Your Target is related to your business people and b2b professionals related to your business industry.


You can get b2b leads for your business from big countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada with LinkedIn?

As I told you LinkedIn has a network of more than 620 million profiles around the world that’s why it is impossible for you to collect b2b leads data from LinkedIn manually.  If you collect leads data manually from LinkedIn then you can waste your valuable time and money. For saving valuable time you need the best quality “b2b leads data scraper” to scrape b2b leads data from LinkedIn and sales navigator. For this, I suggest the best b2b lead data extractor like LinkedIn Company Extractor”.  

Export Quality leads data from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Company Extractor

With LinkedIn Company Extractor you can search and scrape b2b companies contact information automatically like LinkedIn profile links, Business Name, Contact information (email, phone number available on Google), Company Size, Followers, Website, and Year founded, Industry, company type, Specialties, Address, postcode, and Country name, etc. LinkedIn Company Extractor is the best LinkedIn Scraper with the best and deeps search features the same as the type of LinkedIn sales navigator account for deep and best search results in boosting b2b leads.


LinkedIn Data Grabber can scrape b2b leads data from all LinkedIn profiles with public email addresses.  Instantly after purchasing LinkedIn Company Extractor you can use it for LinkedIn Data Extraction and you need just to add your targeted business keywords. LinkedIn Company Extractor has the best easy to use interface for easily understanding search features to get all the targeted information.

What should you use as a LinkedIn Company Extractor?

LinkedIn Company Extractor is the best LinkedIn Scraper that can scrape the targeted company’s data that gives you the best targeted results with the smallest amount of manual work. The extracted b2b leads data with LinkedIn Company Extractor consists of structured b2b leads data information, after exporting this leads information you can contact them to convey your business product updates. 

LinkedIn Company Extractor can export extracted b2b leads data in the respective required format – such as – .xlsx, .csv,(opens in excel) .txt files, and much more. One of the main rewards of “LinkedIn Company Extractor” ensures real-time recovery of b2b leads data, which is pretty serious in this business competitive world.

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