Which is the best Bulk Sms Sender Software for SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is the quickest, easiest, and most successful way to reach your targeted audience and engage them on business and personal level. Mass text messaging, also known as bulk SMS marketing, is the preferred communication channel by any online or offline business. With SMS marketing business and messages marketers get almost 98% read and open rates, they can get 40% and higher response rates.

With “SMS Marketing” you can boost your targeted customer’s base and increase your business sales revenue by up to 183% using personalized SMS marketing campaigns that take just 5 minutes to set up. Mostly People prefer to receive offers and product updates via SMS. So that’s why that can stay connected with each customer with targeted offers.

Make your business brand visible globally with SMS marketing

SMS Marketing has emerged as an important business marketing factor and it is replacing email marketing with every day passage. “Ahmad Software Technologies comes with Corporate SMS Marketing Solution in the SMS marketing world and offers the best bulk SMS sender software that can send bulk SMS to your targeted and potential prospects. This company focuses on better customer relationships if you want to spread your business updates before the crowd in a professional way that can bring more business customers and can convey what you actually want to deliver to your targeted audience. 

Ahmad Software Technologies with a professional attitude provides SMS sender software that can help you get more clients.  Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget  is famous for successful bulk SMS campaigns in many countries.


Reach More and targeted Customers with a Faster, More Reliable Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget

Take your global SMS marketing to the next level with the best SMS sender software that has the best scale, speed, and deliverability.  You just need to connect it and enter your contact numbers and you can connect to multiple countries with a single interface and enjoy all the benefits of the best SMS sender that ensures obedience and worth. SMSGadget Bulk SMS Sender is a user friendly and windows based software. It works by transmitting text messages through a GSM-based mobile phone/GSM Modem connected to your computer. Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software supports GSM Modem or any kind of mobile phone supporting GSM Modem. Use your existing mobile phone and connect it to the computer. And after connecting you’re mobile with the computer you are then ready to go.

Why Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget is beneficial for you?

You can send your SMS messages in bulk with the Bulk SMS Sender software. You can download the software for free today for satisfaction. With this SMS sender software, you can send thousands of SMS with just a single click. SMS marketing software has many exclusive features such as 

1) You can create Unlimited groups

2) Mobile numbers can be imported from Microsoft Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) files.CSV and Text (txt) files to send bulk SMS

3) You can send SMS messages like special offers, promotion, reminder, and alerts are well suited to be delivered on time. 

4) This software can Skip duplicate phone numbers.

5) For sending SMS in bulk this software does not required any internet connection

6) This SMS sender software can save sent items for future use.

Which is the system requirements for SMS Sender – SMSGadget

  • You can use GSM supported Mobile(Cell) Phone or GSM Modem
  • You should have the driver of the connected GSM device or modem
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
  • Net Framework v4.0

Contact Us: 

Download Software From Here: “Download Sms Sender

Email: aslogger@ahmadsoftware.com

WhatsApp Number: +92 3084471774 

Software Link: Bulk SMS Sender Software



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