SMS Marketing helps to grow your business – Bulk SMS Sender

Personalization builds your business brand loyalty

Business owners can boost their business brand personalization capabilities with SMS marketing by sending out related messages about new business product promotions, sales, and even messages to their old clients. Well, I would like to say that with successful SMS marketing, personalization is essential. 

1) You can reach out to your targeted prospects in millions

You can reach millions of your targeted people in a few seconds at just a click of a button. You can send Promotional SMS as per your company’s offers. With SMS marketing, you can also send discount coupons code to your clients.

2) You can successfully reach to your Target Prospects

Targeting the right set of your business audience is very easy with mobile marketing. So without any uncertainty, I would say that send messages to your targeted customers on their mobile phones making the utmost benefit of SMS Marketing texts.

3) Top Conversion Rate

In email marketing emails contain long messages, malware images, etc., even the open ratio is low which is below 15%. SMS content is short and relevant which makes it readable to a receiver right away.

You Can Quickly Boost Your Business Sales with SMS Marketing

How you can send SMS to your targeted prospects

SMS Marketing is a very important business growth. For sending bulk SMS on a daily basis to your targeted customers you need the best and business SMS Marketing Solution in the SMS marketing world and best bulk SMS sender software that can send bulk SMS to your targeted prospects. If you want to extend your business sales and growth then I recommend using SMS marketing with the best bulk SMS sender software. 

Ahmad Software Technologies has developed the best SMS sender software that can help you to get more clients.  “Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget” is a well-known email-sender sending successful bulk SMS campaigns by Connecting with multiple countries with a single interface and enjoys all the benefits of an industry-leading SMS sender platform that ensures fulfillment and value.

Get More Consistent Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget

Boost your business clients and growth with SMS marketing to the next level with the best SMS sender software that has the best and easy to use interface.  You just need to connect it, add, and import your contact number list from excel, CSV, or text files and you can connect to multiple countries. Bulk SMS Sender is windows based software. It works by sending text messages through a GSM-based mobile phone/GSM Modem connected to your computer with USB data cable and Bluetooth. Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software supports GSM Modem or any kind of mobile phone supporting GSM Modem. Use your existing mobile phone and connect it to the computer. 

How do you connect the phone to the computer that has SMS Sender – SMSGadget software?

You can connect your mobile phone to the computer by:

1) USB data cable or serial data cable,

2) Bluetooth,

3) Infrared

USB data cable works for this SMS sender software best because it is fast and reliable. Some mobile companies provide power to the mobile phone also (called “Charging connectivity cable”). You need to install a suitable driver before using Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software. It usually comes with the cable or can be found at the company web site.

For this Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software Bluetooth is also a good choice. It is wireless and allows you to connect more than a few phones or devices at the same time. However, installing the driver and setting up the COM port for Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software needs some work for installing. For support of any type related to this Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software, you can contact the support team Ahmad Software Technologies.

Main Features of SMS Sender – SMSGadget

1) In this Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software you can create unlimited groups based on your targeted audience and mobile numbers

2) You can send SMS messages with Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software like flash messages, promotional messages, and alerts msgs type. 

3) Yes most important this Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software can Skip duplicate mobile numbers.

4) Note: For sending bulk SMS with Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software does not require any internet connection

5) Bulk SMS Sender – SMSGadget software can save history and send items for future use.

System requirements for SMS Sender – SMSGadget

  • You can use GSM supported Cell Phone or GSM Modem
  • You should have the above-mentioned driver of the connected GSM device or modem
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
  • Net Framework v4.0

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