LinkedIn Profile data scraping tool

LinkedIn Profile Data Scraper Tool | Scrape Profile data from LinkedIn 

If you are a business owner and a business sales manager wants to boost your business sales then LinkedIn is the best source for you. If you are in need of a LinkedIn Profile Data Scraper tool, Then “Ahmad Software Technologies” offers the best LinkedIn Profile Data Scraper Software. And you can get this LinkedIn Profile Data extractor in the USA, Canada, UL, Spain, and Australia at a reasonable price. 

 This is the fast & reliable LinkedIn Profile data scraping tool that is broadly used by many business sales experts and professionals who desire to collect the email list of their business targeted audience and for more business for lead generation.  

Some of the Salient Features of LinkedIn Lead Extractor is following

 •          It can extracts important leads contact data from LinkedIn such as First Name, Last Name, Current Position, Current Company, Industry, Email, Phone(Contact), Education, State, Country, Address, Website, Source URL, and Number of Connections

 •          It has the same Search Criteria like the type of LinkedIn for deep search results

 •          Extremely fast and supports Basics.

 •          Ready-to-use LinkedIn Data Extraction Tool instantly after purchase

 •          Extract data can be export in various forms such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV, Text Files

•          It can automatically remove duplicate profiles.

 •        This LinkedIn Leads Extractor is very useful for lead generation, internet marketing, etc

•       It is a desktop-based application and compatible with Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows 7/8

Scrape World’s Best Professional online Network with the Accurate Way LinkedIn Scraper 

Ahmad Software Technologies’ LinkedIn scraper scrapes the LinkedIn profiles of LinkedIn users and LinkedIn business pages. Then exports these scraped leads data into precise Excel, CSV for its users. Yes, Scraping LinkedIn can be done manually but it requires a great number of human resources, efforts, and time. This LinkedIn Scraper can scrape leads data within your required timeline and export it for you with competence. 

This company offers another best LinkedIn Scraper which is known as LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor that helps to recruit agencies and business recruiters in the Recruiting New Candidates, finding potential and targeted new employees, finding details about the latest recruitment trends going on through LinkedIn. This LinkedIn Scraper is one of the best and most useful LinkedIn Grabber tools for businesses like Job Portal, recruitment agencies, etc. 

Yes, LinkedIn has a tool like a sales navigator. Yes, you can scrape leads data from the sales navigator with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor. It is the best and well known LinkedIn scraper that can scrape data from LinkedIn and sales navigators also.

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