LinkedIn Scrapers – Leads Generation

Just because you want to target prospects and generate leads?  

And how many LinkedIn profiles can you go through in 1, 2, 3 hours, or even a day?  Very few, right? And time is what you don’t have on your side. That’s why you need an automated process to help you out. 

In this article, I will tell you how to fetch data on LinkedIn to quickly build targeted lead lists with the help of the best web scraping tools. Because without LinkedIn scrapers it is impossible for you to collect lead data. 

But before doing it, do you want to know more about LinkedIn data scraping and its importance in targeted prospecting? 

If yes!! Great! Let’s dive right in.

Why LinkedIn scraping data and LinkedIn is essential in sales 

Now, I am just a little bit technical because many big companies and organizations are using LinkedIn for leads generation and it’s very difficult to compete with them. LinkedIn Data scraping is a method used by companies and business sales managers to scrape the LinkedIn profiles data by extracting and downloading data from a specific and targeted audience LinkedIn pages use text-based markup languages like HTML and XML. LinkedIn Pages specially made for humans users and not automated use, which means that data they cannot allow accessing these useful data with ease.  

It becomes a dare for business salespeople because this useful leads data is tremendously helpful for lead generation but very time-consuming to collect. And to make matters worse, LinkedIn doesn’t make targeted prospecting easy and has implemented smart technologies to prevent automated scraping of LinkedIn profiles data. 

 But thanks to “Ahmad Software Technologies”, this company has developed LinkedIn scrapers that can outsmart this anti-scraping countermeasure, bypass LinkedIn restrictions, and can extract data from LinkedIn. 

 Top 3 LinkedIn Scrapers 

Here’s a list of the top 4 best LinkedIn Scraping software to help you automate your targeted prospecting. And they are: 

1)         LinkedIn Leads Extractor

2)         LinkedIn and Sales Navigator Extractor 

3)         LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor 

Which LinkedIn scraper can scrape and Export LinkedIn Leads Contacts into a database like Excel? 

In simple words, the LinkedIn lead extractor is the best LinkedIn Scraper that can easily extract LinkedIn Leads to Contact information. With this LinkedIn Scraper, you can scrape quality and targeted leads data such as names, email addresses, contact numbers, Skype or Yahoo IDs, organization names, phone numbers, etc automatically based on your business keywords.

Since LinkedIn is the hub for a wide range of business sales experts around the world, LinkedIn lead extractor comes to mind to achieve your purpose in practically no time. For example, if you are selling auto parts related products, and then with this LinkedIn scraper you can get contact numbers of your targeted industry and audience who present on LinkedIn and have an interest in your business products with LinkedIn lead extractor. Yes, with this LinkedIn Data Grabber you can export all the leads contact information in .csv, .xlsx, and .txt forms. However, you need to know that this LinkedIn Scraper Software can scrape the information that is publically present on LinkedIn and it can’t create or produce any information itself.

Furthermore, Ahmad Software Technologies also provides LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor and LinkedIn recruiter extractor, and so on.

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