LinkedIn Scraping Tools can get leads data from LinkedIn like Emails

In this article, I will tell you some of the best ways to use LinkedIn for targeted lead generation and how you can collect leads data from LinkedIn based on your business keywords and requirements.  

Why is LinkedIn the proven business LinkedIn lead generation strategy? 

For starters, recent social media statistics show that almost 60% of business sales and marketers have already used LinkedIn for targeted customers through LinkedIn profiles. The same stats also emphasize that the LinkedIn platform generates nearly 300% of best business leads data for business marketers versus the other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. From attracting new and targeted customers to raising awareness of your business brand, LinkedIn with its tools like sales navigator, LinkedIn talent solution, etc is a fastener of any business marketing funnel. LinkedIn has a network of more than 720 million profiles around the world in almost 200 countries.

LinkedIn lead generation doesn’t happen by accident. The rapid growth of the LinkedIn platform means that competition for your target customers’ attention is more valuable than ever. As a result, it pays to understand the best practices of LinkedIn and sales navigators and what you can do to stand out from the crowd of your competitive industry. 

How can you get business leads data from LinkedIn in 2021? 

For business sales and marketing if you have decided to do Email Marketing or telemarketing for hitting a wall trying to search for your targeted clients. Then you need the best and valid email addresses and phone numbers. For valid emails and phone numbers, LinkedIn is the best social site because it has millions of audiences around the world. For marketing you need leads data in bulk but you cannot collect leads data from LinkedIn in bulk manually due to huge numbers of profiles. Now LinkedIn Scraping tools can scrape targeted business leads data like emails for Email marketing and phone numbers for telemarketing and SMS marketing.   

So following is the list of compiled LinkedIn Scraping Tools that can scrape leads data from LinkedIn, sales navigator, LinkedIn recruiter, and b2b leads data from LinkedIn companies profiles that you can use to find your targeted prospect’s email addresses, phone number with other contact data. 

 1)   LinkedIn Leads Extractor 

By using LinkedIn Leads Extractor companies can scrape targeted leads data such as emails, Phone numbers, messenger Ids, names, LinkedIn profile link, and other important data from LinkedIn. This LinkedIn Scraper can extract targeted business leads data and more importantly it can export all searched lead data into spreadsheets such as CSV, EXCEL, etc.  

LinkedIn Email Scraper is the best desktop software that is used by many companies around the world and according to them; LinkedIn Data Extractor is an easy-to-use LinkedIn Search Exporter tool for searching and extracting the targeted business leads data from LinkedIn.  

2)    LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

If you have a premium version of LinkedIn then you can use LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor. With this LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor, you can extract targeted leads data from LinkedIn and sales navigators such as valid emails, authentic Phone numbers, messenger Ids, LinkedIn profile link, and other important data from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor can also export all your extracted business leads data into spreadsheets such as CSV, EXCEL, etc. Yes, with this LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor you can export your searched leads data into .xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files for future use. 

3)   LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor 

If you are a recruiter or a recruiting agency and want to collect targeted candidates’ data from LinkedIn then you are at the right place. With LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor you can scrape targeted candidates’ data with more contact data information such as valid name, emails, phone number, and company, messenger ids, website, and profile links from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles.  You can export your extracted candidate’s data into spreadsheets such as CSV, EXCEL, etc. for future use.  It is the best LinkedIn HR automation recruiting tool for scraping the targeted people data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles.  

4)   LinkedIn Company Extractor 

LinkedIn Company Extractor is the best B2B LinkedIn data Grabber that can scrape targeted B2B leads data from LinkedIn company profiles and Sales Navigator also. If emails and phone numbers are missing on LinkedIn then this LinkedIn scraper can scrape emails and phone numbers based on your company names from Google also.  

This LinkedIn B2B Leads Data Scraper can scrape targeted business leads data from LinkedIn and sales navigators such as Business names, Email Address, Phone Numbers, company’s size, official website URLs, company’s type, product types, address/locations, and countries’ names, etc.

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