Best LinkedIn Scraping Tools for targeted LinkedIn Sales Prospecting

If you are a salesperson or a business marketer or a leads generation company owner, then you know already how much lead generation for businesses matters. However, if you’ve been living in the traditional world of business sales, you may be missing out on fresh new tools that allow you to explore more advanced ways of email marketing with valid email lists from day one. Targeted Sales prospecting has been evolving alongside the internet, and today, there are dozens of sites that can help you to find the top decision-maker organizations that lead data you know your business product and services is perfect for. As you ask about LinkedIn for scraping leads data like email and phone numbers that’s why I will tell you about LinkedIn.

So, today I will tell you the best LinkedIn email scraping tools for targeted LinkedIn sales prospecting.

Why do you need to get the best LinkedIn Scraping Tools?

It is very hard to build targeted email sales and phone numbers lists from scratch, especially for small companies or even for big or established companies. There left no options due to limited lead generation resources. In fact, many business companies even buy already built-In profile lists from the third party and from lead data providers, and after getting send identical mass emails to your clients. It can put your business or company in a weak position Due to fake or outdated email lists. However, there is an improved way to build a highly targeted leads list including email lists and phone numbers from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Scraping Tools. 

LinkedIn Scraping Tools enable you to search and collect targeted email addresses and phone numbers shown publicly on LinkedIn, sales navigator, and of LinkedIn, Recruiter Profiles using LinkedIn Mining Software. What makes LinkedIn great is that you have control over where you want to get the targeted business email lists for your business. Moreover, by using LinkedIn you don’t have to rely on other sources like leads providers. 

Which are the best LinkedIn scraping Tools?

Business sales managers need to scrape the targeted leads data from LinkedIn and its tools like sales navigator and LinkedIn talent solution (LinkedIn Recruiter Profiles).  LinkedIn has a huge number of members, almost more than 720+ million profiles that’s why collecting LinkedIn data manually is a challenge for business salespeople or leads providers because this useful leads data is tremendously complex to collect one by one.

Ahmad Software Technologies has developed the best LinkedIn Scraping Tools that can search and scrape the targeted lead data from LinkedIn without any problem. By using the following LinkedIn Scraping Tools, you can make a huge database of LinkedIn Leads like emails and phone numbers with other leads data.

1)LinkedIn Leads Extractor

By using this LinkedIn Leads Extractor you can search and scrape targeted leads data from LinkedIn such as emails, messenger Ids, company names, Phone numbers, country, skill, LinkedIn profile link, and other important data from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Extractor can extract leads contact data and can export business leads data into CSV, EXCEL, etc.  This LinkedIn Email Extractor is used by many business companies or leads providers for boosting their sales leads data. It is used in big countries like the USA, the UK, etc and according to them, LinkedIn is an outstanding LinkedIn Scraper Tool for searching and extracting the targeted business leads data from LinkedIn based on your targeted business keywords and location.

2)LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

With LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor, you as a sales manager can search and extract the targeted business leads with basic contact information such as name, email, phone number, Twitter, messenger id, job title, company, industry type, country, profile link from LinkedIn and Sale Navigator both.  

With this LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor, you can search and scrape targeted leads data without any duplication based on your targeted business keywords from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator both. Automatically Sales navigator data scraper is the well-known LinkedIn data extractor in startups or in big countries.

3)LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

If you are a recruiting manager or a recruiting agency and want to hire employees then you are in the right place because LinkedIn is best for recruiting. With LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor, you can scrape or export targeted candidate’s data for hiring with basic information such as name, emails, phone number, and company, messenger ids, and website, skills, industry, country, and profile links from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter profiles. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractorcan export your searched candidate’s data into spreadsheets such as CSV, EXCEL, etc for future use.

Note: LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor is best for recruiting agencies that provide recruiting services to other companies and recruiting managers who want to search candidate data for hiring their own company’s vacant job positions.

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