LinkedIn Scraping Tools – LinkedIn Data Grabber

Whatever your business marketing method for your business is, you always need leads data like email addresses and phone numbers to send updated detailed information about your business product and services. The bigger your leads list is, the more targeted people you can approach. 

In spite of you being a business software product creator, working as a freelancer, business consultant, or business sales and marketing and owner, you should think about growing your leads list. Creating a targeted leads list is one of the most important requirements of your digital marketing process. Why because you’re targeted leads list that collect from LinkedIn for approaching the right and targeted audience who is really interested in what you have to offer.

How to get publicly available emails and Phone Numbers from LinkedIn?

Finding targeted people’s contact data is easier these days than ever before from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Scraping Tools.  When you are looking for leads list-like emails you can use the LinkedIn Emails Finder tools to help you. Yes, LinkedIn Scraping Tools is the fastest way to find targeted leads data from LinkedIn. You need to use the latest LinkedIn Scraper for scraping data from LinkedIn Instead of purchasing a fake and outdated leads list; you can try the LinkedIn phone number extraction tool for updated and relevant leads lists.


LinkedIn web crawling tools are the best option for getting a huge and related list of leads for businesses. LinkedIn Data Scraping Tools can scrape targeted publicly available email ids and phone numbers from LinkedIn Profiles and Groups by using your targeted keywords automatically without any duplication.

Find & Get Bulk leads lists with LinkedIn Leads Extractor

The LinkedIn Email Extractor can easily search and scrape leads data from LinkedIn quickly (Only 1st-degree connections). Simply you need to enter your targeted keywords and you will instantly get your targeted leads data into CSV or excel. 

By using LinkedIn Leads Extractor you can extract targeted Leads data from LinkedIn profiles and groups such as names, Business types and names, Email ids, authentic Phone Address, social ids, Yahoo messenger id, Skype Id, Google Talk ID, etc and other contact information from LinkedIn sales navigator. Yes, you can build your leads database by extracting these Leads data in.xlsx, .csv, (opens in excel) .txt files.

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