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How can I scrape places & Businesses from Google Maps?

How To Scrape Data From Different Places & Businesses From Google Maps?

In this scraping article, let’s see we will let you know how to scrape Google Maps data using Google Maps Scraper, which will scrape business information based on the category, keywords, and city from Google Maps.

To use this Google My Business Extractor, let’s go through Google Maps of data for different places in the country/city/state. Then extract business information from the Google Maps search results.

How To Find And Collect Targeted Business/Places Data From Google Maps Using Google Maps Data Extractor?

Google Maps is one of the business directories for salespeople to find the phone numbers and emails of their prospects. And that’s understandable because all business information is available there:

This Google Maps Grabber will help you be more efficient in your use of Google Maps by allowing you to extract all the data available on a business listing to a spreadsheet. You will then be able to build your prospect file in Excel or CSV files.

Google Places Scraper is a simple, fast scraping tool that lets users easily search for businesses and places of interest on the Google Maps websites of different countries. The Google Maps Lead Extractor is a prominent and multipurpose Google Maps data scraping tool, which extracts the most updated data according to our client’s custom-made requirements.

Find & Scrape Different Places And Businesses From Google Maps Using

You have to open Google Maps in your browser and start searching for a specific place or business by name. When you search for a business or place in Google Maps, it will show you thousands of results related to your keywords. Of course, manually you cannot export these search results from Google Maps to excel sheet as there is no option in Google Maps to download data. But, by using Google Maps Crawler, you can export these search results from Google Maps to your desired formats on your computer or laptop. The Google Maps Contact Extractor allows you to search by city or zip code, and search by a number of different business listing URLs.

After harvesting the Google Maps data, you are also able to choose what data to export and then export in multiple formats such as Excel, CSV, or Text files.  This is a must-have plugin for any marketer who wants to mine data from Google Maps without coding. Everyone can use it easily because you don’t need to write a single code or line to use it. Google Maps Business Listing Scraper works well for all the countries supported by Google Maps.

Here Are The Fields That You Can Scrape From a Business Listing By Using The Google Maps Business Extractor.

Business/Place Name

Business Address

Phone Numbers

Business Emails (If Available)


Street’s Name





Business Listing URL

Zip Code

Longitudes & Latitudes, etc.

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