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How Can I Find And Scrape Emails From LinkedIn Company Profile Page?

Why LinkedIn Is A Great Platform For B2B Marketers and Businesses?

LinkedIn is by far the most important social network for reaching business buyers and connecting with professionals in general, and thus it is a major B2B platform for marketers and businesses. This network lets you build relationships, build thought leadership, create leads, gain insights, research the market, improve reputation, and build online communities.

If you are a B2B marketer, there is no doubt that your customers are doing more research than ever before. But what has changed in the last decade is where they are getting that information. The average decision-maker reads at least 10 pieces before finalizing their purchase decision. And not only are customers demanding trustworthy content, but they’re also constantly turning to a key location to find it. And this is LinkedIn.

Studies show that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. In addition, other social media channels generate less than 19.67% of the lead, making LinkedIn the largest producer.

How Can I Find Company Email Leads From LinkedIn?

After logging into your LinkedIn account, head towards the LinkedIn search bar and enter your targeted company or username to land on his profile. Click on the appropriate name from the LinkedIn search results and go on his LinkedIn profile. Once you land on his LinkedIn profile, you will see their complete details like connections, education, mutual connections, job title, name, etc. For more details click on the “Contact Info” tab and go through their contact information. You will find all his details including residing city, high school, and college, professional details, skills, etc. If he has made his email address public, you will easily find it otherwise if you know his working company you can easily find emails from LinkedIn by using LinkedIn email finder tools like LinkedIn Company Scraper. LinkedIn Company Contact Extractor comes with a 3-Day free trial version to search for your potential prospects from LinkedIn.

Extract Complete Details From Linkedin Company Profile Without Getting Blocked

Find And Scrape Data From LinkedIn Company Profile With LinkedIn Company Extractor

With LinkedIn Data Extractor, you can automate your process of extracting email addresses and other contact details from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Email Extractor is one of the best LinkedIn email scraping tools and popular among many online marketers. It can retrieve email ids and phone numbers by keywords, company name/user name, profile URL, and interests from LinkedIn. With LinkedIn Company Finder you can obtain emails not only of your connections but also connections of connections from their respective LinkedIn accounts. You have to just provide the user ID of the profile or the Company page link. Enter the LinkedIn Company Profile URL in the LinkedIn Company Data Extractor search bar and click on the “EXTRACT” button and the LinkedIn Scraper will start extracting emails and other contact information from the LinkedIn Company Profile. You will also receive names, contact numbers, followers, employees, and other details too. Download the list file in .XLSX or .CSV format. Its price is just 40$ per month.

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